Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you do...

An ancient wisdom by Sufi mystic and poet Rumi says: "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do". I love this quote as it prompts us to be very intent everyday on following our passions and dreams. I am grateful that one of my mentors (R.I.P Art H. Harper) shared with me this secret when I started my professional career. It has been one of the threads of my life. Although the journey is extremely challenging at times, it continues to offer tremendous growth opportunities and I feel blessed to say that I have never felt I have worked a day in my life...

My wish and hope is to support RECONNECTION: Reconnection with ourselves, Reconnection with others and Reconnection with Nature. Then, together we can co-create a world in which we all thrive.
— Swaady

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YSWARA is a gourmet African Teatime brand, the first to offer a curated experience of fine and artisanal African teas. The company was created as a way to contribute to the reversal of the African commodity trap. We unlock Africa’s potential to produce beautiful, contemporary, ethically-sourced superior quality products that appeal to a local & international market, while achieving societal impact and promoting African history, art & culture

Exceptional Raw Material ° World Class Packaging ° Selective Distribution ° Contemporary Aesthetic ° Local Procurement ° Women Support ° African Culture Promotion




SHIFT WITHIN is a unique platform offering courses, programs, workshops, retreats and gatherings with a selected group of global consciousness visionaries & changemakers in the fields of mindfulness, holistic wellness, life & business coaching, embodiment, neuroscience and more. All the Shift Within experts have developed cutting-edge effective methodologies in assisting others to shift within with life-changing results. Our programs are designed to bring self-realization, balance and empowered living so that together we can create a better world, the world we want to live in.

courses, programs, Retreats, workshops and events promoting Mindful Living ° Yoga & Meditation ° Breathwork ° Healing ° Body Movement ° Chanting ° Sacred Music & Sound Healing ° Community Rituals


Art& Conversations

A commitment to Education through Art

In partnership with Nirox Sculpture Park (South Africa), Art& is a talks program aimed at engaging the youth & young adults in relevant topics through conversations with African contemporary artists. Parents & adults are encouraged to join the exchanges to create bridges between generations. The NIROX Foundation Trust is a registered non-profit trust established and run for the benefit of the arts. NIROX comprises of a sculpture park, artist residency, studios and workshops, outdoor concert venues and related function facilities.

Art& Healing ° Art& spirituality ° Art& consciousness ° Art& patriarchy

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Tounché is an annual conscious retreat hosted by a Black Excellence Collective & Friends. The gathering is committed to represent the diversity of the world and is taking place in the sacred place where all of humankind originated: the Cradle of Humankind UNESCO World Heritage site, located 1 hour outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Tounché is a unique experience facilitating the shift within - awakening and nourishing our full potential - encouraging positive change in all aspects of our lives, and by extension, the world we share. Together, we elevate our collective vibration as a creative, loving and caring community. We heal and inspire one another through dialogue, consciousness, yoga, music, dance, performance, sustainability, art and connection with nature.

interactive workshops, panel discussions, yoga, music and community rituals igniting mind, body & soul.



NURTURING the inner life of our CHILDREN

Malaika and the Angel is an uplifting collection of spiritual tales for children celebrating the values that unite us all: oneness, love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, embracing differences, being an earthcarer and more. The books are accessible to people of all faiths & beliefs.

"Meet the author" Book reading ° kiddies birthdays & events