Much is being spoken about the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative; my philosophy has always been to put your dreams into practice, get on with making them a reality, and be a tangible part of the narrative.”

Swaady Martin

We want to significantly contribute to the local beneficiation of African commodities, and impactfully facilitate the preservation and promotion of African culture, heritage and craftsmanship.

Our vision is to be the global reference in consumer products of exception & excellence, ethically “Made in Africa”

Africa’s modern history has buried the richness of our older civilization and the great dynasties that reigned for thousands of years BC. The youth in Africa, are unaware of their rich heritage and what is possible. Our full history deserves to be shared and cherished; it is not just a story of poverty, dictatorships, colonization, lack of resources and education. Young people who know their past can build their future. We need to restore this knowledge and build upon those formidable foundations.

We would like to see African farmers, producers and communities involved in adding value to African-grown and African-made products, to the benefit of all involved. Currently, too many African farmers are impoverished by the commodity trap, which sees African raw materials exported abroad for processing, excluding Africans from much of the economic benefit.

We need to close the gap between rich and poor and create opportunities for all to benefit. Our business model of Luxe Ubuntu does just that.