In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining our deep connection to Africa, its people and its heritage, we have located our factory in a beautiful setting overlooking the Cradle of humankind, with expansive views over the Magaliesberg.

This beautiful location symbolizes perfectly our commitment to Africa and the development and progress of its people. This is the cradle of our brand, representing our love for our roots. It is a symbol of both our own humanity and that of our fellow Africans.

This is home to the first gourmet tea blending facility in Africa, where the careful, skillful blending of our handmade teas takes place.

Our factory is also used as an educational site where young learners can see what goes into the processing, preparing and logistics of developing passionately “Made in Africa” premium brands.

We’re also developing indigenous healing gardens around the factory. It’s part of a project to educate our youth about the importance of being caretakers of the soil, and gaining knowledge about the healing properties of much of our plant-life.

The garden will serve as wonderful soul-soothing sanctuary, a place to enjoy a cup of tea and a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.