“I am because we are.”

African Philosophy

At the Swaady Group, we are guided by the Ubuntu philosophy – “I am because we are.” It’s the driving force behind our brand. The core of our business model is the community, and wealth creation.

“Luxe Ubuntu” is our own special term, describes our inclusive luxury business model, in which there is economic benefit for everyone who contributes to the production of a luxury product.

This philosophy is manifested in the spirit of kinship and is upheld by the ideals of compassion, dignity, harmony and humanity.

Our YSWARA brand strives to benefit local suppliers by encouraging the world to appreciate high quality African-made products.

Luxe Ubuntu is reversing the commodity trap and uplifting African farmers and artisans – especially women.

With Luxe Ubuntu, we’re changing the perceptions of Africa and its products, supporting conservation of our cultural heritage, and giving Africa a positive, contemporary image.