The Swaady Group is helping to reverse Africa’s commodity trap.

For too long, poverty in Africa has been exacerbated by the extraction model. Raw materials are sourced on our continent, and immediately exported to other continents where they are processed, value is added and the branded products sold around the world.

Sadly, when this happens, African farmers, workers and communities gain a very small share of the economic benefit. Poverty persists, and development is hindered. Historically, women especially have been at a disadvantage.

Agro Beneficiation is how we can end the unfair disadvantage

It’s our way of creating socially-responsible brands. We source our own local raw materials and process them into high-value products, which are distributed globally. We support the United Nations’ global goals of poverty eradication, which is why we partner with small farmers, particularly women, who are especially disadvantaged in Africa. Our societal impact goals also include good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth.